Targus AMW20USX Wireless Optical Mouse

damn catholics

seriously? how many mice to I need?? this is what… #3 for the day?


lame. Just got a logitech v320 for free (after rebate) on buy.com. this thing looks like poo.

My girlfriend is about to give up hope on woot forever!


Buy it NAO

Not bad. Already have a wireless mouse though.



Wow another mouse…

Not bad. Already have a wireless mouse though.


Another mouse?

Next please

Same price as anywhere online…I’m going to bed.

someone please buy!!!

wow thats cheap

I’ve been at it all day waiting for a freaking GustBuster umbrella. They sold 9 units earlier, and I’m pretty sure that I’m out of luck.

But you never know with woot.

it’s a mouse!! CATS ATTACK!

so much for d/l ing pron tonight. got me a mousey for the laptop though!

Hate wireless, otherwise I might’ve gotten it