Targus AMW20USX Wireless Optical Mouse


mac compatible?

This one IS wireless

according to the product name… it’s wireless…

If the next item bends, I am murdering Dom DeLuise.

It’s your choice, woot.

I want to buy one, but I can’t click the buy link without a mouse.

bring on the Mice…

i dont think i could pwn with that mouse its ugly


I have this. A bit wonkey. Eats up batteries quickly.

Not a bad mouse, but I’m waiting for a more more desirable deal.


bah who the hell buy all the norcent… lol
I bet they only have 1 in stock… lol


If there were no $5 shipping, I’d definitely get one.

wow neat perfect for my laptop! in for one but I’m waiting for a cheap zune tonight…


Wireless would be more fun to chase!


do i put this up my butt ROFLFOROFLFOF!?!?!