Targus AMW20USX Wireless Optical Mouse


how long do the batteries last? anyone? anyone?

I bought this about a month ago for $14 or so from woot.


Also, it was defective and came without a tail. :frowning:

Wireless means… without a wire? For real??

woot killa


Is it wireless?

Targus or Targ-UGLY. Huh? Am I right, guys? Right? Right?? … guys?

I have a different targus one thats wireless optical, it never worked at all, carp


Not a bad mouse for the price. I have one. Downside…only about a 6 foot range.

yeah…Go to bed now.

Noone will hear me over the noise, but here it goes:

This mouse works great, but it DRINKS batteries. I use mine all the time with some cheapie rechargeables. I only use the crap mice like this because I loose them.

Yes, mac compatable.

What kind of batteries does this thing use?

Ever wonder how many people just say that this or that thing is awesome just to get gullible people to buy it for the next item?

…this thing is awesome!

grr…sold out before I could complete this transaction. Third time tonite. this is getting frustrating!

guess i’ll pass then… :frowning:

Darn! Too slow. :frowning:

I bought one of these a woot-off or two ago… I hardly ever use it. Not to mention the scroll function’s all messed up - it freaks out when you try to scroll down through drop-down menus in safari and firefox (although I haven’t tried it on a PC yet). IMHO, try a different brand or pay a little more for a better one, if you really want one.

It’s a Targus, and if you know Targus, you know it’s all about quality over functionality while maintaining an edgy yet adult contemporary style. Nope, I’m drunk again.