Targus Chillhub 4 Port USB Hub and Notebook Cooler



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Targus Chillhub 4 Port USB Hub and Notebook Cooler
$10.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New, OEM

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  • 1 Targus Chillhub 4 Port USB Hub and Notebook Cooler AWE01US


It’s here!

I could use something like this for my xbox 360… anyone know if it would make any difference?


These do not work that well that I have used. All they do is add weight to you laptop and raise the noise. Might as well buy a USB fan or even carry a copper tray around to distribute the heat.

A well manufactured laptop/notebook should require no extra crap to keep it cool.


Weak, near server crash for this!!!

I have one. Only lasted a year. Dosn’t blow worth crap


This would work for a 360, no?


Wow my father just asked me for one of these earlier today how ironic.


had one of these for a day and returned it, just think about this if you’re debating it… it adds about 3/4" to the height of your laptop in cheap plastic. plus, say goodbye to one usb port. also, not all computers sit nicely on top of it. for ME, not worth the money…


So, are these worth the $17?


Oh how doth thee tempt me, Woot! I just ripped apart the cooling pad for my laptop in an attempt to make it more efficient, and now you put this up? Oh I’m going to have to wait and see if I still want this when I wake up…


Read this one first as a Chili-hub… Looks like you could cook a pot of chili on this.

This one also brings the old woot motto: I stayed up late for this?

Night all1


Ya - I bought one a few months ago for my Dell e1705 because when I game this thing gets hotter than an oven. These cool thing great!


I use one like this as a cooling fan for my 360
It works pretty well, and lets my keep my 360 horizontal while still being cooled
Its not the typical use for these, but its nice for me


This is GREAT quality I owned one for a year and only need a new one cuz I broke it in half when I was tired…


While waiting for this, my laptop overheated and shut itself off on me three times.

Darn nifty, Woot. Darn nifty.

In for one.


You can’t beat the price, these things are 40+ dollars in retail stores!

I’m in for THREE!


Looks like a great price, but will this work on a larger laptop, say a 17"? I found one review online that says “no”. Have any other wooters out there tried cooling pads on big laptops?

(A 17" bought from Woot, actually. :slight_smile:

And here’s the review: http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A1OD85TR204P8G


I have an earlier version without the USB Hub. It works well for keeping your laptop/lap cool while sitting on the couch.


This is a GREAT product, although I use the Chill Mat myself, primarily becuase it runs off of USB to cool my Laptop, where the Chill Hub has to be connected to AC power to function. That’s the only drawback, but this sells for about $45 retail, so it’s a SUPER WOOT!


I’m in for 2. Best price I could find was $45 for 1. Night all.