Targus DEFCON Fingerprint Authenticator w/2-Port USB Hub


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Targus DEFCON Fingerprint Authenticator
Keep those pesky co-workers off of your computer!
$24.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

This Targus DEFCON Authenticator is an ideal solution for data security, allowing you to say goodbye to passwords forever! The DEFCON Authenticator is a biometrics, USB-based fingerprint stand-alone unit with 2 incorporated USB ports. This device uses biometric technology to grant hard-drive access only to authorized users through fingerprint identification, eliminating the need for standard passwords, and increasing the level of data protection. With the DEFCON Authenticator, you now have the one-touch answer to all of your computer security needs.

¼ Fingerprint Biometric Authentication (boy, what a mouthfull) allows only authorized users to access sensitive data
¼ Silicon fingerprint sensor featuring AuthenTec’s TruePrint technology
¼ AuthenTec EntréPad AES4000 fingerprint sensor
¼ Integrated 2-port USB hub
¼ 3-foot USB cable attached to unit
¼ Light, compact, and easy to use

¼ Dimensions: 2.7" x 1.9" x 0.8"
¼ Regulatory Approvals: FCC, UL, CE, C-Tick, CNN, PBS, MTV
¼ Requires Windows 98/Me/2000/XP, 64MB RAM, Available USB port, CD-ROM Drive
¼ Note: Fingerprint sensor may not be compatible with hooves








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“Note: Fingerprint sensor may not be compatible with hooves”

Well I guess that leaves me out…


First Page SuperStar!!!


Wow…that was fast… :smiley:




suck, that, dick, tracy


Damn, that was fast.


Too fast, and now the speaker’s are gone…arggggggg! Woot on!


Damn, I HAD one of these bought and clicked on “verify” instead of purchase (by mistake of course), and wouldn’t you know it that I got screwed. By the time I could get my password and security code, and click again…poof…gone. Way to make sure I clicked on the right button.

If one of you took three of these and want to part with one, let me know.


If any one has any extras of these that they decide they don’t want or nee please let me know. I will buy them off of you. You can reach me at mandy dot hunter at gmail dot com. Thanks



Dear Galloping Cow,

Your the BEST! Got one of these during the last Woot-Off and you answered my email about how to get an Omni Pass. Requested one from Targus on a Thurs. and received it on Sat., impressive. Anyway, followed easy instructions, photographed my fingers and now I too can sign on with any finger.

Thank yo so much for the quick response and help.

It’s a hoot, I love it. (and I posted in the right thread, how about that?)