Targus Laptop Charger w/ Phone Battery

Some additional info and picture can be found over at the product page

A single solid (4 out of 5 stars) over at officedepot.com

Would it charge my Acer A500 tablet?


here’s where you can search and see

edit: click no then enter the model number (ex acer a500) and click search. Sometimes it shows every version and the answer may be different (especially if they’re regional models)

That thing doesn’t work. Nearly anything you type in says they don’t make a product for it, yet their product page lists the phone battery as compatible with any smartphone.

It should work for the Acer as long as it’s usb. Just don’t expect a 2000MAh battery to fully charge a tablet.

I bought this setup on Woot some time ago. The AC adapter works well; no complaints. I’ve even been able to swap out the tips and use it for my laptop one day, and my girlfriend’s the next which I didn’t expect to need to do.

I’m less than thrilled with the backup battery. I was hoping I could charge it once, put t in my bag and when I went back to use it a few weeks or even months from now it would be fully (or close to fully) charged. Not-so-much. Perhaps my expectations are too high as it’s the first backup battery like this that I’ve used.

It’s a good deal at $27.99. No doubt.

oh Targus…I missed you …

Bought this the last time on Woot and it’s worth the $30. The laptop charger works great with my work laptop (a Dell) and the accessory cable that attaches to the cord will charge both my Nexus 4 and my Nexus 7. The cord attachment will not charge my Asus T300. The battery backup will charge my Nexus 4, but none of my other gadgets.

The reason this works for me is that I can leave the Targus in my suitcase for travel, and just grab my laptop without having to wrap up the cords on my desk. For me, it’s well worth the price.

As a fellow A500 user~
No. The A500 can’t charge off USB.

There are better USB booster batteries available, but this one is slimmer than the 5200mAh pack I have. It’s nice to have for your Android or iPhone and their notoriously poor battery life.

If you already need a 90w laptop charger, you can’t go wrong with this kit. For an already really good price on a laptop charger, you’re also getting an effectively free USB booster!

– Side note: To make sure 90w is enough, flip your laptop over. It should say somewhere on there, “19v ??A”. This adapter puts out 19v, and would sanely power a laptop up to 4.75A.
WARNING: These power cords with built in USB chargers? The USB port takes from the main power rail. Playing on your gaming laptop while charging your iPad can overload it!