Targus Netbook Chill Mat

Chilling out…

Netbook chill mat? Those things do not generate that much heat.

Had one, fans starting humming after about 60 days, sending it to the trash can.

A chill mat? For a NETBOOK? Someone is failing at their job horribly.

Ok people keep cool and wait for the hot stiff.

USB? talk about a waste of battery

Ugh! Cry!

It appears to be smiling now


Upward facing fans for netbooks that don’t have vents in the bottom, yes!

Sarcasm aside, the best part about these things is just having the a general barrier between your 70c undercooled processor and your two best friends.

Do you think it’s possible to put two of these mats side-by-side to use on a normal full-size laptop?

can I get 2 for under my laptop?

I had one. I liked, though the plastic made it feel cheap, but for $6 it is and it never crapped out on me!


…did they just say crotch…??

A similar product by Targus made me feel much better about the operating temperature of a laptop.

First Comment HA!

Had it, til my laptop was stolen, the thing always overheated until i got this mat!

will this work for a window fan? it has two fans, looks like it will be better than an AC unit.

Had one.

Started buzzing less than a month after purchase.

Lost the power cord because there is not a compartment to hide the cord in the bottom of this like there is in other models.

Pay more and get a better one.