Targus Notebook Accessory Bundle

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Targus Notebook Accessory Bundle [New] - $24.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Targus BUS0164 Notebook Accessory Bundle

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Now this is a woot-off killer.

Priority of sub-routine *sleep has now been downgraded to level 10.

Sub-routine *money has been requisitioned.

Sub-routine *caffeine has been moved into Priority One!

>>Run Program.


Does anyone know dimensions?

Passing on this one, i want a BOC today for my first ever woot! Ive been lurking for almost a year.

“USB Speakers transform your PC into a high-end system…”


take a look at the size of the usb wireless adapter - it’ll give you a good idea . . .

only 97% remaining

It was $2 cheaper before. :stuck_out_tongue:


The cooling pad is 12 inches wide and 10 inches long. I own one and am using it now. Not the most powerful fans but creating the elevation and increasing exposed surface area does help my laptop quite a bit.

If this package had a fancy USB hub (that actually worked), I would definitely buy it. Unfortunately, I do not have enough USB ports for all that junk, mine are already full with all the other junk I have plugged in, plus a USB hub which does not ever work.

I had the wireless mouse. It was great!

Excellent. I was just thinking I need a 10lb Bag of Crap to carry with my laptop.

laptop coolers are only useful if the fans are positioned correctly.
my thinkpad warms up at the bottom and top left. i had a double fanned targus before and it doesn’t work as well as the fan i got in my bubblicious orangutan cadavers which has three fans. one perfectly positioned at the bottom.

do not want!

Targus makes some good chill pads… I have one that takes it’s power from USB. It works well.

“USB Speakers transform your PC into a high-end system with excellent sound”

Yeah, sure they will.