Targus Notebook Accessory Bundle

I’m in for 10.

im in for 30

hope this one goes by fast

I bought 2 last time. The giftees’ love them.


If elected I promise that I can be bought. No sense making it complicated. An envelope with a not-insulting amount of cash is all it takes.

And people think KNIVES are killers?

How do you know how many total there are?

Got this from woot a long time ago. My lappy is sitting on the pad right now. Helps a lot

Bought this from woot previously. Mouse works well. Speakers sound pretty good. Fan station poorly constructed and broke in two different places (one of the fan blades snapped and the power connector ripped in two) in less than two months.

I was supposed to go to bed, but it looks like I could miss 100 things in only 5 hours of sleep…

Works very well… using the stuff for the woot off right now!

The chiller pad, sure. The mouse is somewhat low-end and the speakers are useless–you’ll never carry them around or anything, and for desktop speakers, don’t use USB. Not all that impressive a deal, considering what’s in it.

Where’s the BOC, I’ve been waiting 10 minutes already!!


how many USB ports does this bundle require? 4?

bring back the knives PLEASE

bought one for a gift and it was never opened. :\

It’s like a lightning round of woot off