Targus Notebook Cooling Chill Mat

I have had two of these!!! CRAP!!!

These things are ridiculously noisy.

Will this work with an extended battery? My HP sits higher because my replacement 12 cell is thicker.

These are very handy and useful.

My only complaint is that over time the fans will eventually die. But it’s still good for keeping your laptop and your lap cool.

A refurbished cooling mat. What is the world coming to?

does it work better if i put it on both sides of my laptop?

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I have actually worn through two of these new. They last only a couple months of extended use (fans stop spinning either from worn fans or cords shorting). Refurbished? Not sure how long they would last through normal wear and tear.

This was my favorite cooling pad ever. I used one for years! The one I have now doesn’t please me nearly as much, although I’m committed to it, because I paid more than this for it.

These are too cheap to sell refurbished. The last time I got one of these from Woot, it arrived with the corner chipped off. Works fine though.

I don’t have a laptop… Turn it upside down during the hot summer months and it will cool your lap?

Looks like it’s refurb Tuesday. I guess Random is next.

i have the version that woot was selling a few months back wuth USB ports on the back, this does cool my MacBook Pro well. it get upwards of 140 on the CPU and around 90 on the case without, but with this going it’ll cool me down to a bearable 80 on the case and about 130-127 inside.

Will this work on an iPad?

no way dude, my on off switch stopped working after only a few weeks! And this is refurbished? Nuts.

Just a heads up: I have multiple friends that use these as a way to cool their X-Box 360’s (I am included in that list as well).

Multi-use stuff is nice for this price

Obligatory Mac question: will this be expensive and pretentious enough to go along with my snobby lifestyle?

I used a similar model with older laptops that tend to heat up a little more than the new models.

Only if your belly button doubles as a USB port to power it.