Targus Portable Chill Hub and Notebook Stand

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Targus Portable Chill Hub and Notebook Stand [New] - $29.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Targus AWE15US Portable Notebook Stand w/Chill Hub

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here’s the targus product website

and some reviews at amazon

wow it looks massive

I’ve used a number of “cooling” options as I’ve owned a number of i-run-too-hot laptops (free-to-me HP Compaqs, for example) and I’ve never found anything that really helped. what does this option offer me that USB run, tilted-up fans haven’t offered me already?

It seems this is too small for a 18.4" notebook…

is this noisy?

how noisy is this?

What are the countries of manufacture and assembly?

also worth nothing that my laptop is an on-the-move item. can this giant option really make me want to drag it everywhere, or is it only worth it at home?

Ive owned one for awhile and it works good but the cord is starting to short out but if your lucky it wont and you will be happy with your purchase when it worked it was a good cooling fan

I got one of the chill pads in a previous wooting, but sadly no stand, so I can only comment on it.

The chill pad is fantastic, I have several times had a blanket, or a corner of a pillow find its way into the fan blades. They’ll stop politely for me to clear it, then start right up again. The USB hub is a nice touch, especially when I’m backing things up, I can easily attach a couple hard drives to get the job done.

I have a 17" Dell Inspiron, and it covers the laptop with no overhang, and keeps it rather cool. I highly recommend it, and mine was even a refurb. The stand is really icing on the cake for this one.

Um, do you really have to ask? :slight_smile:

Definitely not whisper quiet. When I have mine on, I have to turn stuff up a little bit to over come the hum. I have heard a few other fans, and it seems pretty comparable to most of them.

why yes, i think it a valid question, even if the actual answer is exactly as you might expect :wink:

Does the AC adapter power the usb hub too?

you mean it works well*

anybody else notice the cooling pad is upside down in the picture?

umm…"Supports notebooks/laptops up to 17”
yeah, probly not then.

WHOAHHH Mr. Bigshot, not everyone can read words ya know.