Targus PR600 The Port 3.1 Series – 15” Notebook Backpack



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As for the bag, I used to have one of these and it’s really great. Room for everything! I would buy another one, but I upgraded and don’t need it :slight_smile:






This ones not for me either








yay new crap


;/ im going to bed


wheels at bottom make this look gay

“There is a fast car on a dark road and you can hear the drums and the bass and the laughter as you race the moon.”


did i miss a bag o crap?


cool a bookbag…


well that last item suddenly disappeared! nice. BOC please!?


No too bad…


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Whoa, woot-glitch



Damnit, Where’s my BOC?


Stop talking and buy something.


Pff. Too small for my full 17 inches!