Targus Universal Notebook Dock with Video



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Targus Universal Notebook Dock with Video
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Targus Universal Notebook Dock with Video ACP50US

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sunday… so i’m keepin’ it light… check useful linkage for the comparison links… and then go to bed… cuz i don’t think this woot is worth staying up any longer for… hehe… just kidding… its awesome… do it.


will this work with my thinkpad x41 tablet? the ultrabase is too expensive for me.


Whoa, wait, is Woot making fun of Joss Whedon’s Firefly? Woot’s about to lose a customer…


Targus universal. I never trust their idea of universal. Would rather specific models be listed.

Anyone have a link ?


Well, this might be useful if your laptop doesn’t have a custom docking station. It seems like you’d get a lot of slowdown filtering all your peripherals through a single USB port…


Hey now, Firefly isn’t poorly written!


What, exactly, does this do? I’m not a technerd, therefore I’m lost on this stuff.


How does this fit all laptops? Is this a quality product? Targus seems to be good quality for cheap prices. At least all of the products that I own from them are pretty good.


If I use this, then connect to my desktop (which is connected to my printer), will I be able to print things from my laptop without problems?


Yes, I agree, Firefly is pure sci-fi gold!


Agreed, social services needs to take that octopus away from a clearly dysfunctional household.


Yeah, lay off the Firefly, that hurts. Bad enough they cancelled it…


Uhhh… Typo?

Power Ports: Two power ports provide twice as much power (1,000 mA) as standard USB ports – Always On: Power ports remain powered even when notebook is shut down or disconnected (perfect for recharging mice, phones and other devices)

Adapter Friendly USB Ports: USB ports are double spaced to accommodate larger adapters Power ports remain powered even when notebook is shut down or disconnected (perfect for recharging mice, phones and other devices)


This deal is AWESOME…When I come home…i take the laptop and plug in my monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, and other items…you can basically turn your laptop into a desktop by plugging in one USB cable …most i have seen has been over a hundred bucks


Hey we got a movie, remember?

I think that’s as good as it’ll get…


Is this device about as stupid as the previous “run everything through a single USB port” they were selling perhaps 6 months ago?


How is it compare to somthing like this?
Long eBay links for the lose


Goes and watches Serenity…

If this was OSX Mac compatialbe (Which it isn’t), Then I would consider…