Targus Wireless Calculator & Keypad

I’ve had a wireless calculator for years… solar powered even.

Ingenious! a calculator without any wires! Why didn’t I think of that!

In for none!

I didnt know they invented wireless calculators yet


Because everyone before me doesn’t count.

Wireless calculator and keypad? Since when do calculators come with wires and no keypads. Me confuuuzed?

My calculator from 8th grade (sometime in the '70s) was wireless too :slight_smile:

I want a bag of 50 of these.

Eventhough I’ve already purchased 3 right now.

Aren’t all calculators wireless?

Is this like having a keyboard connected to your keyboard?

I don’t have a laptop, but I kind of want it. Whyyy?


Cool idea, but I don’t need one.

good night all. and good luck if the boc comes along.

wtf, what kinda garbage is this?

snooze time

Im pretty sure that all the calculators i have had my whole life were wireless

in for one!

i want my bruins on cake!

This makes baby Jesus cry.

100% bought 0.

Clearly there is a wire in the larger picture.