Targus Wireless Keypad y Mouse Combo



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Targus Wireless Keypad & Mouse Combo
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Targus Wireless Keypad & Mouse Combo PAKP003U

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happy friday… happy woot… here’s all the usefu lcomparison shopping linkage… as usual, i got it… and as usual, grand woot… cute product too


Where are the letters?


Been looking for a cheap wireless mouse, in for 1!

I have a laptop, so the numpad will come in handy… and I’ve been looking for a cheap wireless mouse ever since my wire started getting stuck in my new, more cramped, work area.

Good woot for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess thats interesting. I don’t know though… its not too useful


anyone try these? I need the keypad only…


Oh great… I was thinking about going numbers only. All I am going to say from when I get this on is 1337.


For when you want to ADD WIRELESLY!


Haha, I just got a logitech wireless usb mouse and a keypad thing for free today.

Still, nice woot despite the refurb


Any have a real response to why you would just need a wireless keypad and mouse ?


In for one, the keypad is all I wanted.


Froogle Linkage

$29.99 off Newegg for OEM not R3FuRB

GREAT DEAL but dont need it


Hey this would be handy if my keyboard didn’t already have a keypad, I guess.


Cool if you have a laptop :frowning:



whats are you gonna do with a mouse and buncha numbers???


Just bought a logitech wireless mouse and number pad for a couple dollars more. Definitely one of my best purchases since getting my laptop, so I’d suggest getting this one for anyone considering it.

However, can’t get alt commands to work with it. =/


looks nice, but will it work with a Mac?


i actually really want this… but it isnt mac compatible :[


A refurbished numpad and mouse sent snailmail hmmm NO Freakin way!!