Targus Wireless Mini Mouse

[imgleft]http://www.woot.com/Images/Sale/Targus_Wireless_Mini_Mouse-thumbnail.jpg[/imgleft]Welcome to the Targus Wireless Mini Mouse topic page for Wednesday, July 27, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.
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first page.

I had one similar to this and loved it til i broke it.

Peteroman needs to be hanged

ITEM # 14 - Targus Wireless Mini Mouse $14.99 + $5 shipping


AHA! My very first day of Wooting and I have TWO first-page posts… gotta be some kind of record. A sick, sad record, but a record no less… :slight_smile:

Wow, is it the mouse or camera… I’m confused

im not saying they are low quality… Targus is great. Mine was a WIRED mini-mouse i bought for $25 (and it was well worth it).

very nice for $15


what the hell? I needed this three days ago

woow woots going to fast! omfg one after another!

Insane… Page loaded, clicked I want One, and the page loaded with the next item… Quickest sell out I’ve ever seen!

[quote user=“flyguyjm04”]Peteroman needs to be hanged[/quote] love you too… nice useful post… have a nice day

peteroman, pointless posts are frowned upon.

This post is not pointless since I am telling you how big of an idiot you are.


It was here… then gone.

Dang, I wanted this; …too bad

They spelled digital with an “i”. Did anyone see that?

Did they only have one of these?