So…last night I had my cards read by a friend. I was wondering if anyone else here practices tarot card reading and if they can sum up the following arrangement in a non-biased way. I was just a little skeptical because it was read by a friend…

The Q: was…about an upcoming court case…


My mother & grandmother used to read Tarot cards. Mom was really into that stuff. I felt that it caused her to worry unnecessarily about things of which she had no control or based on the cards. I refuse to participate in anything like that now. Just my personal experience. Just keep it in perspective.


My great aunt…grandmothers sister, who was deaf from a childhood illness, read them too.
She stopped when people were getting mad at her.

Which doesn’t help you at all.


They say that you are unsure of your future, that you are seeking comfort. They say that you must accept that the future is coning, and you don’t have to know what it will be. They say that you must stop worrying, that you must be joyous that this chapter is ending however it may close. They say you must face your fears, and abandon your shackled crutches.

They say things are going to be ok.
They say that fortune telling is but a daft distraction from the uncertainty the future holds.
They say you must learn to face this uncertainty with your head held high, your back straight, and your mind strong.


are you miss cleo?


Two thumbs up. Well done, Fen. Well done.

He’s right KT, that’s precisely what they say, but he said it better.


i thought they said the lottery numbers were 2-9-16-17-35-49. also that you like chinese food.


Want to be a psychology major?


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I didn’t want to host!
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I don’t even understand how it works.


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