Tasco 120x USB-Equipped Digital Microscope

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Tasco 120x USB-Equipped Digital Microscope
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It comes with sea monkeys.

Is this just a rebranded Intel Qx3 microscope?

I’d hope it at least has newer software that works with windows 7…

Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I attempted to list the product page but my anti-virus is going crazy with that site.

I wish! I’d be tempted at that point.

Check the Specs tab for compatible operating systems. Looks like Win7 is on there, though.

Does this use reflective or transmissive lighting? In other words, is there a light, i.e. an LED, on the bottom lighting up the specimen? Or do we have to rely on overhead lighting in the room?

If it is the same as the old Intel scope, then yes, it has dual lighting

I think those are just unhatchable eggs. To have living sea monkeys, you have to use dechlorinated water, which most people don’t have. That’s why sea monkey kits come with dechlorination powder. I guess you can buy spring water in the supermarket.

The manual has instructions for selecting top, or bottom, or both lights.


You want sea monkeys? I’ll give you sea monkeys!
Now, how about this microscope,anyone out there have one? I would love some user opinions.

It looks about the same as the old intel, I had one a few years back had a really hard time getting USB to work right, so I hope its better then the old intel versions, but you know what would be really excellent, if they figured out how to get a 1000X that way you could identify serious problems without having to go to the lab.

I assume that the difference between top or bottom lighting on how the image is effective is top lighting will show more surface detail…is that correct?

4 out of 5 stars at Amazon

2011 review complains about software, other 3 star reviews conclude that it works fine, but has limited capabilities relative to a ‘real’ starter microscope. Price here is very good vs Amazon…

Instruction manual and driver here

My thoughts EXACTLY!

120X is pretty low. I see other models for about $40 including shipping that go to 600X. Any thoughts?

Would this be good for an 8 year old with an inquisitive mind?

Where do you see those? I’m more interested in buying one of them. Thanks for the info.

This one goes up to 1000x for about $85.00.


4.3 stars…