Tasco 120x USB-Equipped Digital Microscope

Review from Optics Planet

Time to check out the product page

i paid 37 for it here a few weeks ago…a few weeks from now they ll probably sell them for 10 buck…just sayin

One review?? Not really helpful. IMO this is a relabeled product that was marketed almost 12 years ago. It wasn’t that good then and is not any better now except the software functions with current OS platforms.

A less expensive and possibly more fun DIY kit?

yes, I bought a bunch of those back in the day, I think I still have one.
I worked, at the time, in one of the premier independent biological research facilities…and overheard a conversation between two senior scientists. One described to the other how he was using these inexpensive USB scopes in the field. The biggest problem with them (and with every scope) was the light source.
actually these were quite good, I might go for another.

That was the intel QX3 microscope… this isn’t exactly a re-label, but it looks litl it used the same molds.

The older one went to “200x” power (but the optics were terrible) vs the 120x of this one, but the older model took stills at 640x480 and video at QVGA on the order of about 2.7 frames per second.

I’m guessing Tasco wouldn’t put their name on it without having fairly good optics, and the resolution seems to have improved reasonably.

If you’ve got an actual legitimate use, this isn’t too bad a deal. Sure it might go down. Everything does. But if you can use it now, you might as well snag it.

I was thinking about getting one to use to do fecals on my livestock.

One Amazonreviewer says that the software does not work on Win8.1. Any way to check on this?

Does anyone know if this could be used to effectively examine and photograph coins, and if it could take a single detailed picture of the entire side of a coin?

Except it doesn’t work with Mac computers.

According to the link it looks like magnification is 10x/60x/120x. 10x might be good for smaller coins like dimes, but I wouldn’t think you’d be able to see the whole coin on half dollar. Quarter may be pushing it. But i’m no scientist so maybe it will work great.

That’s a crappy use of this!

Even at the lowest magnification anything bigger tag a nickel will not entirely fit on the display. It is great for checking double dies and repuched mint marks.

Woot, if it won’t work on a Mac please say so upfront in bold, so you don’t waste our time.

Bought one last time it was on sale and returned !! I will not work with Windows 8 and above… This is a old product with old drivers !!!

Most places retail this microscope for about $50. The most I’ve seen it retail for is $78. So it isn’t the great markdown Woot says it is, but still a good deal.

As the owner of a Mac, I just assume nothing works with it unless it explicitly says so or if I pay 4X a reasonable price at the local Genius Bar.

The software won’t work with a Mac but I would think the microscope would. It’s not unlike a digital camera. You can probably use other photo viewing software.