TASER Self-Defense Pulse Stun Gun

Isn’t it kind of messed up to be so blatantly profiting off of yesterday’s tragedy? Even go so far as to say “Try not to be too shocked that we’re selling these tasers today.”

P.s. I don’t believe this was your intent, WOOT, but just to let you know it’s coming off that way.

No. Next question.

I like how you’ve been here nine years and this is your first comment. Hopefully you think before your next.

Also add another $50 and you can get yourself a Glock 17 police trade in and have 18 shots at the ready (35 if you carry your spare mag!) instead of hoping you tag the guy coming at you properly with a taser.

We’ve had 30 mass shootings in the US so far this year, and there have only been 45 days. It would actually be more difficult to sell this stuff on a day where there was NOT a mass shooting than on a day when there was.

Plus I think we all know better. I would expect most woot sale items are assigned dates well in advance, and I’m not sure why anyone thinks a taser would have been particularly useful yesterday anyway.

What is God’s name are you blathering about??? Please libbie, get out from under you rock and breath. Your facts are WAY wrong. Good Lord!!

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Man the C2 keeps winking at me to buy it. At least woot has the needed extra accessories also.

I don’t have any skin in this game, but just so you are aware, tomingulfbreeze is correct: http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting

Cons don’t let facts interfere w/the truth.

Worthy note that they probably schedule these quite a time in advance and that this is the third time in a month or two that I’ve seen them listed, so probably just a lot of overflow stock.

Most taser’s (like these) have a laser target to assist with targeting.

While I think most get the point trying to be made here, a lot of people also ignore the fact that site tends to not give specific details because it likes to skew the story.

People need to keep in mind a lot of the ‘events’ listed on there (ignoring that a lot of people debate using the word ‘mass’ for anything less than 3), a lot of them aren’t things like school shootings, they’re things like gangland crime with gangs trying to kill each other. So try to keep that particular tidbit in mind before using that site for a political standpoint because those gangs are still gonna be trying to kill each other with their largely-illegal weapons regardless of any changes this nation may make.

That all said, if you do purchase this (or the Bolt), I strongly suggest going to the Taser website. You can get a ‘training’ subscription for about $25/m where they’ll ship you targets and two cartridges monthly for you to practice with if you would prefer (and you should, this weapon is still a weapon of sorts, and you should make sure you feel comfortable using it).

Edit: Also worth noting the Pulse has a bit of a flimsy battery case cover, mine managed to ‘slide’ off in common holster carrying and got lost, so trying to get some replacements from them.

I can only speak for me, but this should be a quality post.