TASER Self-Defense Pulse Stun Gun

This item cannot be shipped to PA. Please remove this item from your order.

These are legal in Philadelphia per city council law passed and signed. When will we be allowed to buy these from woot or Amazon? I pointed this out a few times and still no fix or response besides they will look into it.

These are also legal in NJ now but cant ship there either… I couldn’t even order the replacement battery???

Hey y’all, the restrictions on these are the latest updated lists we get from the legal department. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a little while for the restrictions lists to be updated as the laws are constantly changing.

They became legal to own in NJ as of October 22, 2017.

Please see tinyurl.com/StunGunLawNJ

The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that stun guns are a protected form of self defense per Caetano v Massachusetts. Subsequently, every state and city has been forced to withdraw their bans on similar devices since the case was adjudicated on 3/21/2016. Caetano v. Massachusetts - Wikipedia

I know there’s only four hours left in the sale but you severely limit your sales by preventing distribution to those locales, which typically don’t let people carry guns for self defense, but have been forced to allow people to carry tasers.