TASER Self-Defense Strikelight Stun Gun

Isn’t it kind of messed up to be so blatantly profiting off of yesterday’s tragedy? Even go so far as to say “Try not to be too shocked that we’re selling these tasers today.”

P.s. I don’t believe this was your intent, WOOT, but just to let you know it’s coming off that way.

What is the voltage?

It is more likely that sales - and the writeups - are planned days if not weeks in advance. I doubt they decided yesterday afternoon to put that sale up at midnight.

A friend has one of these. I was “shocked” at how well it worked. Really, it was not good, for me that is…

A taser against a long range rifle? Not a fair match IMHO. Now against a handgun used in an attempt in an abduction, that’s where these work best.

First, anyone who uses one of these against any kind of firearm is crazy, like taking a knife to a gunfight.
Mainly I wanted to mention that I got a similar stungun/flashlight once that I returned because it took two hands to switch between flashlight and stungun. In my opinion the system this one uses is much better since it only takes one hand.

There are tragedies every day, and the add clearly alluded to the bad pun they were making. I don’t know what’s more tragic, what happened yesterday or that we stopped paying attention to the daily death tolls in DC, Detroit, NY and Baltimore.

Respectfully Laura, its just coming off that way “to you”. I am fully aware of the shooting and have been reading about it all morning. But I made no connection between the two. I actually found this sale humorous, simply because it came the day after Valentine’s day. To each their own I guess…


I tried a different flashlight/stungun but it required two hands to activate the stun gun function. This one, on the other hand, makes it too easy to activate accidentally. Also, from the materials included: “The stun function of the StrikeLight Flashlight is not designed to cause incapacitation like some of TASER’s other products” and “Pain Compliance Only. The use the stun function of the StrikeLight Flashlight is painful, but generally does not cause incapacitation.” and “Do not use as an impact weapon. Even though the flashlight is named ‘StrikeLight’ it is not designed or intended to be used as an impact tool or device and is not to be used as a striking instrument… Using the flashlight as an impact weapon will likely cause malfunction”. These facts should be included in the listing.
Also, I would like to note that it isn’t very easy to open the charging port. Since I already have an appropriate charger I’ll just remove the battery and charge it in my charger.