TASER Self-Defense Strikelight Stun Gun

Stun Guns are now legal in New Jersey. Why won’t amazon/woot sell them to their residents???

Probably because they look too much like knives.

In all seriousness, blame the lawyers.

Who knew D.C. had so many zip codes…dang, a stun gun for each would be a tad expensive…

“Discrete”. Also states “TASER” down the side of it. Fo sho.

No one wants to be the first to sell them (IMHO, I think they need to be challenged legally before they would sell them). They became legal in NJ as of October 22, 2017. I purchased several of them from another online (deal of the day type) site not long after they became legal to own in NJ. Print this official document & carry a copy with you to help with any issues if needed.


Thanks man. The struggle is real in this horrible state. I did the same. You can buy them on eBay

I don’t see why this is restricted anywhere. There is no voltage discharge information, no capacitance rates and from the look of it, the contact points are so close together that no neurological disruption would happen.
Weak assed light, weak assed discharge.