TASER Self-Defense - Your Choice

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TASER Self-Defense - Your Choice
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Non-rechargeable lithium battery

Batteries are $25 each from Taser’s website. They are not rechargeable but they are replaceable.

Seems to be one of the fastest selling items in quantities > 1 in a long time. Yet in the most dangerous areas of the country the wisdom of local and state governments cuts off our access. Who controls the government in those areas? Unfortunate.

This is listed as restricted for Pennsylvania but that is because they were not legal in Philadelphia till this year. City Council passed the law making them 100% legal since the supreme Court ruled banning these are unconstitutional.

I notified amazon of this before yet they still continue to infringe on our rights to own these.

Any idea if that makes them OK to own in NYC?

I would assume so, but New York is as backwardassed as PA. I was actually looking to buy one of these since I work 12 am to 8 am in center city and have to walk the streets a lot. I am licensed to carry but work banned firearms.

What a shocking deal… (sorry, couldn’t resist. Happy monday)

On the serious side… Lots of states restrict these, just like pepper spray, batons and body armor.

How often are you planning on using this that recharging is a concern?

Could liven-up the family holiday gathering.


Range time is important with these. The shooter needs to understand how wind affects flight, fully grasp the distance it travels, and get comfortable pulling the trigger. I could easily see going through ten batteries just getting comfortable handling this weapon.

$30 more and you could have a decent handgun.
Not much of a deal to me.

Yeah, Tasers have a battery life of about 10 years if never used. The X26’s have a battery meter that displays when it is armed, and they can be used hundreds of times for training or real world before the battery needs to be replaced.

So as long as you aren’t showing this off at your annual Holiday Party, there’s no need to for a rechargeable battery.

And if you do happen to use your device 50 times for 30 seconds each, (that’s the average battery life), you can buy a replacement for $25 directly from Taser.

The cities and States this would be MOST useful for law abiding citizens to have, it’s illegal because…reasons.

The darts are single use as well, while I concur it is helpful to know how it works, the cartridges are probably $25-30 a pop.

So New York lets me buy booze through the mail, but not stun guns…

Looks like they can be found online as a two pack for $70 so actually a bit more when considering tax.