TASER Self-Defense - Your Choice

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TASER Self-Defense - Your Choice
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12/4/2017 - $269.99

…umm… Woot… when did it become okay to start selling weapons that can cause death?

Edit: Great points about kitchen knives and DUIs as a result of wine/alcohol. I grew up in Canada where tasers are illegal… as such, a taser seems like a pretty extreme item to me.

I can just see that dude tasing his own ass trying pull it out. Lol

Uh, they have knives up for sale all the time on the kitchen site. There’s a knife on the sports site right now. There’s even a site for wine. DUIs kill over 10,000 a year, buddy.

LOL @ “weapons that can cause death.”

I bought one in the previous sale.

The price isn’t bad for a less lethal option for that person that’s not ready to carry a gun.

As for ‘When did woot start selling weapons’, DUDE! Woot’s been selling knives for years. Knives are about a billion times more lethal than a taser.

Anyone has anything to add regarding using these in close encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife?

“Lions an’ Tigers an’ Bears, Oh My!”

Can we enjoy woot and keep the politics out?

What I did not see mentioned here…

These are designed to be fired, dropped, and then run for your life leaving the taser behind. This gives you at least a 30 second head start to escape your felon.

If used and a police report obtained, taser will replace your taser FREE of charge.

See this link…

I use the professional versions at work and they are very effective. That are very safe if used properly and within the provided training. The crap you see on TV is usually grossly exaggerated. But, the few times it is not, rogue officers acted outside of their training.


I love the idea of a non-lethal self-defense option, but the non-rechargeable batteries are disappointing.

The manufacturer claims a 1-2 year shelf life, which means, if I want to be safe, I should plan on buying new batteries every year – $25 for the Pulse, $40 for the Bolt.

The likelihood of me putting the Taser in my nightstand and then forgetting to buy replacement cartridges is high. I’m on the fence with this one…

It says you can use this as a contact stun gun too, Is that only before firing it, only after, or both. Bonus points if you provide a demonstration video!

Either without a cartridge, or after firing. With a cartridge, if you activate it, it fires.

The contact is mainly for when you do not have a cartridge present. Or, and more likely, when you fire and miss with one or more darts.

If only one darts hits, the taser will not work. Making contact with the taser will then “complete the circuit” and be effective.

As someone who carries a gun, I got the pulse model to have as a non-lethal alternative simply due to the fact you’re more likely to encounter situations where a taser can be more effective without having to potentially kill.

That said though, with any sort of weapon, training is key, and a $25/m subscription to Taser will get you two taser cartridges and some mountable targets to train at home with.

The pulse model looks to be a bit more efficient than that, as you can re-engage (so long as the contacts are still connected to the target) or alternatively also use it as a direct-contact taser as well (it has two contact points at the front of the model which are also what effectively trigger the cartridge itself).

The shelf life I think is purely for the battery, not the cartridges. As noted above, $25/m subscription to Taser gets you two cartridges a month to train with, so at the very least you should always be able to keep one handy (ie; don’t use your final cartridge). Also the box comes with two cartridges as well.

It’ disappointing. Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget.

BTW - the battery replacement is why smaller PDs are opting away from them - having to replace them every few years can be quite a hit on the budget.

So…people killed by knives/people killed by tasers = 1,000,000,000?

About the battery - what’s the expiration date on them? I don’t want to buy one and have to replace the battery in the next couple months.

So will this save your @ss or not reliable?

These could come in real handy in road rage situations. Everyone should have one.