TASER Self-Defense - Your Choice

They have a 15ft shooting rage. If a gunman is 20ft away you’re SOL. Carry/Conceal is the safe way to go.

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About the battery:

  • for the Bolt - $40
  • for the Pulse - $25

So the battery’s good for a couple years if you don’t use it. If you’re on the monthly plan and training with it, how quickly will that battery last? How many discharges?

If I buy this can I call myself TaserFace? Because that it just the coolest name ever.

Bullets for my 9mm - $0.75.
Battery for Taser - $40

Battery life for bullet - N/A
Battery life for Taser - 2 Yrs, plus remembering to replace it.

Range for 9mm - more than 15 ft
Range for Taser - 15 ft

Not a hard decision…

Not that I disagree, but there are a few flaws with this approach.

*A TASER for stunning people can in no way stop a car. You need an EMP for that.

*The steering wheel of the rage vehicle needs to be made out of metal, the window open or a direct shot through a window.

*Your car needs to be equipped with 4 points of TASER protection. One for each corner of your vehicle that the rager fool is trying to clip. Plus you need a HUD dash targeting systems

*The rager would endanger the lives of everyone that is on or off the road as they twitch to their car flipping death.

So if you do not engage the dangerous driver and report them instead; the authorities can deal with it.

Are these Refurbished like everything here on Woot!

You missed one:

Magazine for Berretta FS92 (gun most law enforcement carry) - 18 rounds for the gang attack
Taser - Single shot to first attacker only.

These are new as noted under the price. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand the Shipping Restriction Comments, and list of zip codes. Like for Chicago: is that list of zips the only places you CAN send to? or is it a list of zips where you CAN NOT send it to? What about the rest of Illinois?

Tasers are not deadly weapons…

Remember, this time of year there are a lot of areas where everybody’s wearing heavy coats because of the Cold.

This thing isn’t going to work well, if at All, if the barbs are lodged 2" away from the person inside :wink:

It’s zip codes where we cannot ship.

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People die from them every year, so the term is strained at best.

As someone who doesn’t want a gun because I think they’re 90% self esteem boosting and 10% for protection these are pretty interesting.
15ft range is probably pretty good. It’s not like tv when you’re shooting bad guys off catwalks from the ground.
The battery thing is concerning like most have said. Guess I would need to amend my annual reminder to “Smoke/CO detectors batteries, air filters, washing machine filter, windshield wipers, AND taser batteries.” Not terrible.

Also keep in mind these are probably much safer for urban environments as if you miss you don’t have to worry about where the projectile is going to end up, like your neighbors house.

Exactly. You would not drive stun someone with a cartridge. If you buy this, please get training in it’s proper use as well as the laws in your state. Personally. I’d rather be hit by a law enforcement TASER (again) than this one. A 30 second ride would be pure Hell!

My two cents:

Tasers are marketed as a nonlethal defensive weapon, yet occasionally they kill.

This puts them in a different class from knives, chainsaws, and other dangerous objects sold by Woot. Everyone knows that if you go off-label with a kitchen knife or a chainsaw, and use them on a person instead of a carrot or a log, you’re going to cause injury or death. But once in a while, a Taser kills when used as intended.

So the “deadly weapon” objectors have a point. The Taser is made and purchased to be used on people, and there exists a slight risk that the target will die from the proper use of the product.

I strongly recommend that people take self-defense classes. The good ones will go over not only self-defense, but also include the legalities of defending yourself using spray/tasers/stun guns…

There’s a story in there somewhere, and we’re going to need to hear it (for science and whatnot)

My 16 year old daughter volunteered to take a taser shot at a police demonstration last summer (she’s a tough little girl!) Took the whole five seconds at full police strength. This will stop someone, but as mentioned, it will basically give you a 30 second head start. A sufficiently angry man could be back up and chasing you.