Tasi 2009 Chardonnay Case (12)

Tasi 2009 Chardonnay Case
$99.99 (Normally $216.00) 54% off List Price
2009 Tasi California Chardonnay
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Tasted this on the woot tour at WineDavid’s speed tasting event…and it was good, great for the paltry case price here!

Donde esta el vino tinto ?

Ahhh, looking at my speed rattage notes I see I too tasted this. Noted it was quite cold when served and had minimal nose, a bit of butter, but a pleasant chard. I don’t care for oak/butter-bombs at all. Noted will buy.

I picked up the Tasi Merlot when it was offered last time and was quite impressed…I’m not a Merlot guy, but it was drinking well above the $99/case pricepoint. Wonder if we can expect the same quality from their Chard?

Any specific comments to offer?

The wine description says “creamy on the entrance”, but also says no MLF. Those statements seem a bit in opposition to me. Do you recall impressions about the crispness of this chard?

Also do you remember anything about oakiness? Again the description says “just the right amount of vanilla oak”, which means almost nothing. To some people that means barely perceptible while to others “the right amount” means the wine is a potential substitute for vanilla extract.

Faux rattage would be nice!!!

I’m the one that did the lab work on this wine and wrote the description. The wine is crisp on the finish but is creamy on the beginning due to the oak.
I enjoyed it as a nice simple non Malo/Latic Chardonnay with a touch of fresh oak.

12.5% ABV seems on the low side. Any stats or tasting notes on the residual sugar?

Any comment on score points??

Thanks Scott. That’s very helpful.

Anyone in the Seattle area that would like to split a case? PM me if interested.

Uh… scoring points is good?

Very sad to read “… this discontinued label…” Bought this early this AM because I thought the Tasi merlot was so good! I don’t usually drink merlot. Nor did I really want a Chardonnay. Simply too good to pass up.

Curious if anyone knows how this was oaked - how heavily and was it barrels, staves, chips, etc.?

Also, the label says “California” but
the description implies Central Coast or something…

Spotted on “Wine of the Month” at $6.99/bottle http://womclub.com/newsletters/201204/files/assets/basic-html/page7.html

Wine “club”? Uhm… I pass.

Yes. If you have to ask, ignore them. And if you don’t have to ask, then you already know to ignore them.

And quite a bit more of a write up earlier in that newsletter: http://womclub.com/newsletters/201204/files/assets/basic-html/page4.html