Tasi Cabernet Sauvignon Case (12)

There you go fred, buy em up.

You can never hail a Tasi Cab when you need one!

Tasi 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon Case
$99.99 $216.00 54% off List Price
2009 Tasi California Cabernet Sauvignon
CT link above

I hear there’s a new app coming for that in NYC :wink:

On a side note: The Merlot case from a couple of weeks ago hasn’t been shipped yet, or is mid-shipping with no status.

My Merlot is on the way & will be here tommorrow. (In MN)

I’m not sure why, but this made my day.


Here is a link from the wine of the month guys.

They seem to like it. Fruit, nice finish. They rated it 93 and 94.


Mine was scheduled for delivery last Tuesday (1 week ago…) FedEx still showing info received only. I’m sure it’s still on a trailer someplace making it’s way to the Ohio FedEx hub, but still… Info about what stage it’s actually in would be nice. WCC should create a website that taps into their shipping database so we can follow our purchases.

Well done.

I received my Tasi Merlot case last Wednesday in San Diego. I’m hoping to open up a bottle tonight.

darn it in a meeting and missed this, the wife loves the Merlot