Tasi Merlot Case (12)



Tasi 2009 California Merlot Case
$89.99 (Normally $216.00) 58% off List Price
2009 Tasi California Merlot
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Great everyday wine IMO. On the lighter side of Merlots, not complex but balanced and easy drinker taht pairs with almost anything or by itself. Just bought one case last time around otherwise would be in for one.


just received 2 cases two weeks ago, in for 2 more, the wife LOVES this stuff, even brought 4 to Vegas


Finally, a lot of yummy wine for under 10 bucks a bottle. In for a case even though I need to get it shipped to a friend.

Every time I give up on woot they do this to me.


I’ll give it a whirl. Worst case … Merry Xmas, everyone!


Did not like this. Hubby will drink it though. Was going to give as gifts but now have a case of wine to cook with. =-p


Thought this was pretty good, especially for the price, we just got a case last week.

I will be getting another case!


Almost bought two cases of it, but the winery cannot ship to MD. Hope to see Dignus on this woot off.


Woot! I want to see the vinegar! MMMM


Bought it with the last Woot. Pretty good juice! In for two cases.


in for one, @ $7.5 a bottle and with a decent review from fellow wooters, I suppose I couldn’t go much wrong.


I have to admit, I’m not a Merlot guy but this was really decent and killer QPR. In for another case…


Do not know where to ask this question for sure so I will start here. Does Woot only offer domestic wines or do they offer wines from outside the US also. I would very much like to see a good Chateauneuf-du-Pape offered. If any of you have ideas on this please PM me. Thanks


“Sorry, we can’t ship the Tasi Merlot Case (12) offer to that state.” … lame!


mostly domestic. they do occasionally throw in some grape mash from other lands. Previously at this woot off there was a french bordeaux available.

here’s a quick look at what was available so far …


oops someone got censored :slight_smile:


No shipping to CT :frowning:


Last time, not able to ship to Connecticut…rats…sent a case to good friends in FLA instead and they really like it…still won’t ship to Connecticut…rats…


good everyday juice. Barely caught it at the 2% left mark!