Tasi Merlot Case (12)

Tasi 2009 California Merlot Case
$89.99 (Normally $216.00) 58% off List Price
2009 Tasi California Merlot
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Just got my case from the UPS guy about an hour ago. No mid-day drinking to try it out - sorry!

Not even… FOR SCIENCE? We need data!

But I tasted before 10AM last week… not fair!

My case SHOULD be delivered tomorrow. But even if it’s a killer wine, I would have no need for that much.

Just hoping this case fairs better than a couple of my recent ‘summer shipping’ deliveries have.

Last Wooter to Woot:fredrinaldi

My wife loves this stuff, just scored by buying her another case.
Nice !

That’s why when you pause your cursor over your name, it says you’re better than everybody else! :slight_smile:

weird Got my case about three weeks ago, wonder if California shippments are quicker than east coast?

Must be - I’m in MN. I saw the tracking # about a week and a half ago, but nothing happened until Monday when it left Kansas City & made it here today.

Oh… I thought it was because I’m addicted to sending woot money for things like Screaming Monkeys and USB Panic Buttons and Dirt…

edit: I decided I’m in for one.

can you expand on tasting notes? I am interested in this case. Thanks.

When do these woot-offs end!? I can’t believe all the great deals on wine. The FedEx delivery person is going to start to wonder about me! My wine rack has never been so full.

Plus I’m locked for $5 shipping all day! That’s 8 more hours!

You’re also awesome.

correction received it the 13th

My case was supposed to be delivered today, but apparently it was damaged in shipping. Either that or the Fedex crew is having a great day today…

I had my first bottle of this one last night. I really don’t have any notes on it and even if I did, I’m sure I would do a terrible job of describing it adequately. However, I’ll do my best.

I took a taste immediately after opening the bottle. I then ran it through the aerator for my second taste. I noticed a marked improvement with the second taste, it mellowed it out and brought forth the fruit flavors. It definitely can use a bit of decanting, especially since my second glass about 45 minutes later without the aid of the aerator was on par with the initial tasting with the aerator.

To me, it is an easy drinking and mellow merlot. Soft tannins, good mouthfeel and nice lingering after taste. I can’t really describe what I actually tasted (again no notes) but I definitely enjoyed this one. If a friend told me they paid $15 for this bottle, I would’ve said it was a good deal. So, it is obviously a great deal at this price and I would recommend it, assuming you like merlots.

Can’t , sorry I haven’t tried it, but the wife really likes it, me (as most here know) I’m a Cab guy

My FedEx guy just brought me my case of Tasi about an hour ago, too. Sorry, but I won’t be tasting it until this evening by which time I’m sure we’ll be onto a new deal. I bought it based on the favorable comments from the last listing – I bet they still hold true today! I’ll pass on it this time so you can buy a case…