Tasi Merlot Case (12)



Tasi 2009 California Merlot Case
$89.99 (Normally $216.00) 58% off List Price
2009 Tasi California Merlot
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Bought two cases for the wife, $94.99 last time I believe, good everyday wine


I got one last time and agree with you. It is very well rounded and you can’t beat the price point. I have not regretted this purchase in the slightest. Good wine at a great price.


Totally agree. Got my shipment last week Monday. Opened the first bottle Friday - Solid everyday drinker. Opened up more overnight and in my opinion was much better on Saturday. IMO should definitely be run through an aerator or decanted to enjoy fully.


This is quickly shaping up to be the second straight woot-off with no purchases for me. Unheard of.


I may be in the minority, but I bought this the last time since it appeared to be a good value and many commented on it being a nice every day wine, but I couldn’t disagree more.

This is the overly sweet (for a dry red - it’s not cloyingly sweet), flat, thin style of merlot that gave merlot such a bad name in the 90’s. I love good merlot, but this is the poorly made kind that is definitely new world and mass produced.

Many people still like this kind of wine, but it’s not for me and I thought I’d let others know my experience so you can save $90.


Would this be a good wine for someone just starting to branch away from the main stream stuff? We like a little sweetness, not so much that it tastes like straight sugar.


Got this last time around and I cant get myself to drink it… Its rather thin, watery and just unpleasant. pawned 1/2 of my case to a friend who was forewarned but liked the “deal”. He didnt seem to mind it at all…


My impression is that this is the main stream stuff from California and not something that will show you different style or variety of wine. If that’s what you like, this would be great since it’s inexpensive, but if you want something to expand your view of wine this isn’t it.


This was the last of 4 bottles I had on Saturday. Can’t say it’s the best wine ever, but it performed well with the other bottles I had.


I ‘Bit’ on a wine WOOT offer for the first time and found the offering and price very good and was well satisfied. As far as shipping speed I really did not have a problem one way or the other (I thought) because even though a very perishable item, I would be notified when shipped and when delivery would be expected so I would certainly make sure an adult was at home to sign for the wine. Well, things did not go all that smooth. I ordered on 8/28 and on 9/10 was advised item shipped and given a tracking number. I had no problem in the time between order and the notice of shipping. So, I go to tracking and see (not to any surprise) shipping label had been processed but product had not moved. Stated, expected ship date 9/10 with estimated delivery on 9/17. I knew that was just estimated so I started checking the tracking every day and days went by with no change, only the shipping label. The problem then came about that I wanted to take a week long trip with my wife and no one would be around while we were gone. With no info other than what I had I worried if I left, that very day item would ship and then because I was not at home the case of wine would sit in a hot truck or warehouse for days. Contacted WOOT and was basically told, they could not tell me when it would ship. So, now I am hostage at home until I get some kind of info. Finely on 9/18 tracking shows item actually has shipped and is in route for delivery on 9/20. With that info I can again try to make plans. The problem here is, I was not just in limbo for an expected few days. I had never seen actual shipping take that long from the time the carrier was notified and the carrier being given the product. I enjoy WOOTING and expect to continue buying but, I do not see me doing the wine thing again unless this is the exception and not the rule. What can you wineWooters tell me? Is this the way it is most of the time? Thanks in advance for the info.


I’m not drinking any F’ing merlot!


When it ships you can always hold the delivery at the local fedex location. Because of my work hours I always do this and just pick it up on the way home the next day.
That option is available on the fedex tracking/status page.

The longer ship times are due ot the summer shipping, for whatever reason the logistcal delay takes longer to get them out the door.

During non-summer shipping when they don’t have to worry about weather and spoilage the orders usually are on a truck within a week or so.


I hope that’s colored water in the photo and not wine. Shameful instance of alchol abuse!


I also bought it in the last woot, and generally agree. I wouldn’t say it’s overly sweet, but I agree that it is flat and thin (REALLY thin) and wouldn’t buy it again.


I have placed several winewoot! orders, and your experience seems about the norm with regard to my shipments. A couple of my wine shipments took so long to receive that I actually forgot I even ordered wine.


I have been ordering from wine.woot almost from the beginning, although not with great frequency, and would say your experience is pretty typical. If you travel frequently, this might not be the best way for you to buy your wine. Some people seem to have good experience with the “hold at local FedEx” option, though. I personally haven’t had to use that, as it is not a problem having it delivered to my office.


This is typical because Woot DOES NOT DO THE SHIPPING on the wines. Wine Country Connect, or winery itself ships the wine. During the summer months it typically takes longer because they monitor weather across the country to try and determine when the safest time to send the wine is. It is a little bit of a paid, but you simply need to keep an eye on the tracking information and if you are out of town or going out of town, you can select to have it held at the nearest fed ex location (you can always use that as your shipping address as well). The fed ex location will hold the package for up to week (and potentially longer if you ask).


Unfortunately this is not always true. I have a shipment of Foppiano PS library vertical in the back of a FedEx delivery truck right now. I won’t be home and for some reason this package is not eligible for hold for pickup. I was informed that after the first delivery attempt I can go pick it up; but only after riding around in the truck all day. The weather is quite mild so I’m not too concerned but certainly inconvenienced.