Tasi Merlot Case (12)



Tasi 2009 California Merlot Case
$89.99 (Normally $216.00) 58% off List Price
2009 Tasi California Merlot
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Fred, I think you need another case.


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He’s been going crazy today already.


This was also in the side sale a few days ago. I ordered one then; it’s really good, especially at this price.


What’s the shelf life on this stuff? I have some but my parents liked it, but a case is a lot of wine for them.


This isn’t a cab… Are you feeling ok?


Low alc., moderate pH. It should last for at least a couple more years.


checks previous deal from the other day of Tasi for reviews

Edit - Ok, good reviews sold me…I’m in for at least one, a little time left if I want more.


Thanks. that’s sort of what I was thinking, but nice to get hear it from people that know more than I :slight_smile:


Just finished a bottle of this tonight on day 3! I like this bottle for a “I don’t feel guilty opening this” kind of night. The third day isn’t the best but drinkable. Day 1 and 2 are good. It’s light, a little sweet and fruity. Pretty light for a merlot actually. At this price, it’s great!


I have ordered this a couple of times. Just do it. If you don’t like it give it as a hostess gift to anyone who will have you :slight_smile:


From the August comments (below): I never did understand what Scott meant by wine ‘talking to you.’ Any help here?


losthighwayz wrote:
Mega Red, huh? Who would have known! I learn something new on here all the time! Is this addition why some wines literally remind me of Welch’s juice, feel syrupy, etc.? I wonder if Scott regrets his posting since it has openned (it seems) a “small” can of worms?

(from Scott Harvey)
It is a can of worms I want the consumer to be able to look for and understand, because it tends to produce wines that no longer have the ability to talk to you. I want people to look for wines that do talk to you like this Tasi Merlot does.


Been waiting for this one all day, since the last case was a huge hit with the wife and friends. In for two!


Ordered one, then came back and snagged another. A very good “anyday” wine, especially at this price.


This one item has made the entire wootoff worth wooting for.


Anyone have notes from the earlier woot to add to the thread here?


Props to jchasma on your self control. I have never concerned myself with how a wine would be on day 3. For that very reason I am looking for good vaule. This wine is one.


Dang. Won’t ship to MD. :frowning: