Task Lighting: For Your Home Office

BTW, mods, the features tab for the “Draper” desk lamp seem to describe a different model.

Cute name choice for a midcentury-inspired item.

[MOD: Thank you! It’s fixed.]

woot prices for this lighting is way to high in my opinion.

Ordered 3 swing out Wall Lamps. They are exactly what I need for my apartment in NYC where space, & desk space especially, is at a premium. Looking forward to them.

Without knowing the manufacturer and origin of these lights, I have to agree. No way to make a quality judgement if we do not know who produced these lights and where.

I have no problem paying good money for lighting… in fact, I have every intent to, because I’m buying from quality manufacturers that do not produce their lamps cheaply in China.

Without that information, for all I know, these are the same crapola lamps I can buy in my local big box WalMart, Target, Lowe’s, or Home Depot.

Edit to add: Note to Woot… this sounds like a harsh criticism, but that’s posting on message boards for you. It’s not meant to be harsh. It’s meant to be constructive… I’ll GLADLY spend some serious greenbacks on your site, but only on goods whose quality and provenance I can be assured of.

We often can’t give out the manufacturer’s name because their other retail channels get mad at them over the prices. Our buyers work to get you the best price possible. Sorry, but no name.

which light doesn’t have a manufacturer name listed? every one I looked at does.

The Draper Desk Lamp description now mentions the manufacturer. I’m assuming this was an oversight when changing the earlier incorrect description?

If it’s not OK to post this here in the forum then I understand it being edited out, but these mostly (all?) look to be Adesso lights. I don’t know much about light manufacturers, and it seems hard to find much info online. They seem to be pretty nice quality though.

I’m considering one of the desk lamps but it’s hard to commit to something with such little info… hmm…

Totally understand the position you guys are in. In this particular case, though, the details are really sparse for something that costs more than the average that one may expect to pay for such things, especially in a big box. That’s my issue with it. I really wouldn’t have any problem buying a wall lamp for $80… or even $600, if it was the right lamp. But, with details like “um… it’s a lamp. makes light. made of, like… metal and stuff. by a person. probably” it’s tough to pull the trigger on.

Don’t mean to pick a fight or anything. Just my feedback.

Don’t bother with them. Lighting is way overpriced in this country – all you need is a socket, a plug, some cabling and the bits to hold it all together. Sure, woot has huge discounts on the MSRPs, but those prices are fictitious. Want quality lighting inexpensively? Go to IKEA. LED desklamps are $10-$20 any day. Anything fancy, you might have to go as high as $50.