Taste Some Freedom

Ah, the tasty cool pop of patrickspens’ patriotism.

The sister version of this shirt involves Bazooka bubble gum.

This would make a great companion piece for my American Blitzkrieg shirt. Go red, white, and blue!

Now I want a Bomb Pop!

I love this design, but it seems to be a bit high on the shirt. I mean, about 2 inches down would help, a lot. - Or is it just me?

Great idea. I’d prefer the army dude to be plasic green, and the design to be on a different color, but that’s just me.

Now I want some

Could have done the tan army man and tan stick, not sure about a black stick on a popsicle.

Most of them are like that but this one seems to be even higher than usual.

G.I. Joe could’ve used those against Cobra.

Don this shirt, hop on your banana seat, grab those ape hanger bars, and pedal fast and furiously down to the drug store to blow your entire week’s pay on wacky packs and pop rocks. Woot! :smiley:

Yeah, some freedom! Some good ol’ French flag patterned freedom!

Boy howdy, like the design, but I can’t help but think about how this might easily be misconstrued and considered offensive, given our foreign policy. They won’t know of ice cream men and plastic toy soldiers…

I don’t view this as a political statement so much as an awesome popsicle delivery system. :^)

When the American Apparel trial was happening, all of the designs were boring. Now that the trial is done, I would buy all of the designs!

Such a shame.

Some have speculated that it was done on purpose to skew the results.

Isn’t it sad that wearing that shirt to a public school in many parts of the country today could get a child suspended if not expelled?

Ha! I was just wondering if ordering this for my kid would be a good or bad idea, based on whether he’d get in trouble for wearing it to school. I guess I could get it and make sure he just doesn’t wear it to school…but yeah, that’s pretty sad.


As a member of the armed (and legged) forces, I approve this message.