Taste the Dark Side

Cookies be mine!

Impressive? Nay. MOST impressive.

Wait! How could he promote something filled with creamy light filling? Shouldn’t he fill it with dark chocolate?

So Vader really is, deep down, white?

Got Milk?

No, deep down he’s creamy light.


What’s goin on with the free shipping? On the app it states that it is $7 and free shipping. When I check out I get charged $5 for shipping. Could some help out on this? Thanks.

Note that “Impereo” sounds a lot like “Imperio”, which is an Unforgivable Curse to those heathens that haven’t read Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Our app hasn’t been updated yet to show that the shirts now have a lower price and use the cart ($5 shipping per order). Sorry for the confusion.

That is almost exactly what I was going to say. I love Star Wars but this shirt reminds me more of Harry Potter (well, Voldemort) than Vader.

Hey! Thanks all! Yes. The dark side has a creamy center.

I was conscious of the Imperius similarity, but Impero also means Empire. And all I was really aiming for was that Impereo doesn’t mean anything by itself, and also I was aiming to eat cookies. Which I did.

The order reigns in eternal obscurity/darkness.

(sounds more sinister in the original latin inscription marking the secret meeting place)

Mmmmmm…Delicious!!! :smiley: