Tastes Like Excel



*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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i don’t know why… but i love this


eh! brown. Good shirt bad color T_T no buy for me


i wish real pie looked like that…:frowning:


haha love it. too bad im not THAT big of a nerd.


grats on the print Jack. But I can’t justify buying it. 1/3 of me loves pie, but the other 2/3rds are sure this is a bad design and the colors will only confuse those who look at it and go W T F???


this is incredibly bad. Congrats on the sellout


haha, made me smile


i dont get it


It looks like it might even taste like Cardboard on the outside.


mmm, nothing like eating sweet potato in the desert with all that sand - and cactus juice to wash it down with no less…


I gotta say that’s pretty imaginative. Overall, a good shirt, I like it a lot, but not -quite- enough to buy, besides, I just bought one…

I wonder what everyone else thinks. Is pie a zero-sum dessert?


We are getting exasperated, Adder.


Hmmmm…my mom’s side of the fam is named Piper. And I do love pie. No, I could never wear this.


I’m going to try and make a pie like that, the world’s first pumpkin/cherry/lime pie…


Interesting concept…


i want


No thanks. I already had 6 kinds of ice cream tonight. I have no room for pie. Or pi.


Very clever =]