TastingRoom.com Sampler Box (2)

TastingRoom.com Taste Adventure Wine Sampler Box 2-Pack
$39.99 (Normally $59.90) 33% off List Price

A Taste Adventure Red & White Essentials:
2010 Dry Creek Vineyard Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc 50ml
2011 Chamisal “Stainless” Central Coast Chardonnay 50ml
2010 The Doctors’ Marlborough Riesling 50ml
2010 Old Coach Road Nelson Pinot Noir 50ml
2009 Twisted Oak “*%#&@!” Red Blend 50ml
2008 Urraca Mendoza Cabernet Sauvignon 50ml

A Taste Adventure Food Friendly Wines:
2011 Lake Chalice Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 50ml
2008 Urraca Mendoza Chardonnay 50ml
2009 Lucas & Lewellen Santa Barbara County Chenin Blanc 50ml
2010 Il Cuore “The Heart” Mendocino County Barbera 50ml
2009 Stickybeak California Syrah 50ml
2009 Penley Estate “Condor” Coonawarra Red Blend 50ml
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Cesare, I feel your linky pain on this one.

Great for bringing on the plane. The will fit nicely in your little plastic bag and are small enough to qualify to get passed security.

So, for $40, you get less than one bottle of wine, and not enough of anything to pour a glass?

My girlfriend is really into wine. I’m clueless when it comes to wine. Her birthday is next month. Would this be a fun gift for her?

Direct Links:

Red and White Essentials

Food-Friendly Wines

Looks like the MSRP is correct, worth about $30/each, so a solid discount.

Seems like a good holiday gift to have on hand in case you forget someone. Plus, you can always drink it yourself…on an airplane.

$40 for almost a full bottle of wine! It’s a steal!

As a lover of all things twisted, I can tell you that at least one of those wines is absolutely delicious.


check out www.twistedoak.com for more spanish rhone blends and delicious tempranillo mmmmmmmmm

I did a tastingroom.com living social special last year, basically you ended up with two tasting kits of Napa cabs for ~ $30.

It was fun, the wines were good, BUT these bottles are TINY…50ML is about the smallest pour you will ever receive from the stingiest of wineries. That said, the samplers I had included two bottles of $85 cabs…or 100ML of a bottle of $85 cab, it was good, and I was happy.

This isn’t a bad deal for some fun tasting a variety of nice wines.

Keep in mind 50ml is about a fifth of a cup (0.211338 cups to be precise).

My initial thought was what a fun possible treat / icebreaker on a flight, but i think Oz limits are 3.
What a shame.

As bkarlan said above:

The liquid limit is 3.4 ounce (100ml) so these are fine.

My mistake the Mil’s work out to 1.6907 oz. So there a tad bigger than the airline bottle of alcohol.

The Stickybeak wine is listed as Syrah but the picture is Pinot Noir.
Assuming Syrah is correct since that is what tastingroom.com shows but can we get confirmation?

A newly informed perspective from other flyers comments on legalize.

hmmmmm… I feel compelled to buy this as props for my 1/3 size dolls…

Take the last drop of every tiny bottle and mix them all together. The result…It’s a secret to everybody.

If you set the lights and music just right, and make sure to leave the room. The next day you will mysteriously end up with additional dolls that are 1/12.

When I saw the size of the bottles I was tempted to click away… but, then I looked at the picture of the miniature bottles in their box, and they just looked so adorable I think I’m going to have to go for this, plus I figure I can get two and me and a friend can have an at home tasting, and by the end we’ll have each had a bit less than a bottle of wine, so we should be pretty nicely tipsy… though if we’ll have any thoughts at all about the quality of each wine is questionable.