Tasty Crunchable Birdses

Ummmm…Nice teeth?

Something tells me this place doesn’t really serve chicken.

Mom. What’s for dinn—uh, never mind, I’m not hungry.


Oooh how PRECIOUS!!! You got me dinner!

Gollum shillin’ chicken. Er, no.

“It’s the bones that make them crunchy!”

Yep. The opposite of causing a food craving, although I do wonder if you find the occasional ring in your meal.

Did anyone else immediately wonder what happened to Gollum’s 9th tooth?

On the plus side Golum could advertise that it is a “Natural Food” with no processing,…

…but I’m not sure that this product would pass a food inspection…

Is it nice, my preciousss? Is it juicy? Is it scrumptiously crunchable?

You guys heard the government is making them change the name to TCB, right? Apparently, the birdses are SO CORRUPTED by the ring that they are but a wraith of the creature being advertised…

I’d rather have some po-ta-toes!

Man, I’m soooo tempted on getting that Apron!

Two different quotes pertaining to two different Smeagol snacks: crunchable birdses and fish, so juicy sweet.

My understanding is that MFC (Middle-earth Foraged Cuisine) serves both mixed together raw in a bowl that fits in your car’s cup holder.

Am I the only one who looked at this design and immediately thought, “I didn’t realize that Christopher Kimball was THAT popular?”

Once he got over Nancy (Chris was just a rebound fling for Sid) and then Chris got contacts, his career skyrocketed.

All the way to the P B S.


It’s a living.

If woot starts selling aprons, as well as shirts, my bank account is doomed.