Tatachilla 2006 McLaren Vale Australian Cabernet Shiraz - 6 Pack

Tatachilla 2006 McLaren Vale Australian Cabernet Shiraz - 6 Pack
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PRODUCT: 6 2006 McLaren Vale Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz
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I almost did a spit-take of my hot cocoa on my keyboard after reading the description. I wonder if WD is referring to the Occupy wine.woot that is going on in the cyberpub, or to the occupy oakland. Either way looks like an interesting wine. While I’m personally not a big fan of Shiraz, and will be passing on it right now, would be interested to see what other people think. Occupy wine.woot will continue!

Never loose your sense of humor :slight_smile:

Oh and what’s the drinking window on this?


I think a lot of Australian wine is now screwcapped. I could be wrong, but it seems to be a trend.

“Pencil shavings and cedar in a quite brooding, yet comfortably varietal nose. A ‘correct’ nose even. Volatile & just a teensy bit cooked. Dry, grippy and quite oaky palate is firmish and well structured with plenty of potential, if edged with more overripe fruit. It’s a decent full bodied Cabernet with plenty of potential for the future, if lacking some polish. 16.6/88+”

This is a good wine, without a doubt. I was just at a dinner last night that had this wine, I had three glasses and it didn’t disappoint.

My brother and I are trying to find some nice, inexpensive wine to give as an Xmas gift to our mother. Any thoughts on these? (She prefers red, but she’s really not picky apart from that. ;P) Also, how does the “Whoever receives the package must be 21 or older” work? I’m 20 (and I’m the one who is here most of the time) and my brother is 22 (and he works full time). Does the delivery person actually card? Would they have to wait to deliver until a Saturday or something, so he’d be home?

The Australian Wine Companion (the last reviewer here:
Crackawines.com.au) says 2012. Seems consistently rated about 89.

I think you just need to show ID when they deliver. So make sure you don’t make the purchase under your name. But if your brother can be home for the delivery, that would be best. Truth be told, I ordered wine that should have required ID before handing the box over, but the delivery guy didn’t even care…

It does vary based on delivery person, but they should card, so I would order under your brothers name. Also you can always have the wine send to your local fedex office and pick it up there, so its not rumbling around on the truck. As for the gift what kind of wine does your mom liked in the past? If you want something local, go to a local wine shop and ask. Not sure where you are located but Total Wine usually has very knowledgeable staffers.

How’s everyone’s else’s experience with the delivery? Do they actually card?

I’m honestly not really sure what she likes. We decided to just go for it, as <$11 a bottle is pretty low. fingers crossed :smiley:

I kinda like the screwcaps; easy off, easy on, no special tools required. Great for picnics or backpacking!

Here is my opinion, they dont always card for me, but then I get my delivery at the fedex store where they do card. The delivery man does not card, but if he does (and a lot of them do) you will feel silly and miss out on your wine. So my advice is dont order this unless you are over 21 or have access to an over 21 year old.

In the immortal words of RMP (one of the wooters) “pull lots of corks, remember what you taste” The key to figuring out what she and you like is just to taste and develop a profile. Just make sure that you are drinking well made wine, so you dont get turned off from a particular grape.

Depends on the delivery person. I’ve been carded a few times but it’s not a usual occurrence. I’m 23 and have been purchasing woot wine since I was 21…haven’t noticed a trend. Sometimes they just ask you how old you are and take your word for it!

I’ve had this wine and it’s a fantastic table red, worth every penny of the $10 /bottle.

I order a lot from woot wine and I had to sign every time or they take it back to Fedx . They will come 3 times then you have to pick it up at Fedx.