Taurus or Colt Airsoft Pistol

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Taurus or Colt Airsoft Pistol
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Either one of these could get your ass shot by the Po-Po!

“You’ll put your eye out”

Um, don’t point it at po-po and you’ll be OK, promise.

Ugh, in NYC and surrounding areas, too many kids accidentally get a cap in their ass for playing with these.

oh look…guns…buy as many guns as you can before those “liberals” take them away!
-every gun manufacturer

Can I use these to shoot osmocote at squirrels while fertilizing my garden?

Funny thing, this item can’t be shipped to IL, but I can purchase it through Amazon. Doesn’t make to much sense to me since Woot is owned by Amazon.

But for realsies, though. Does anyone who ACTUALLY PLAYS airsoft use these really cheap guns?

Need more orange on them. Seriously.

Farewell, Woot. I cannot in good conscience support a site that sells guns. I also live in NYC and know the danger and idiocy of this sort of toy. Maybe consider drawing the line somewhere, folks.

Too realistic to be a toy. Just looking for trouble.

Seriously people? All of you complaining about guns being sold or how close to real they look… you realize airsoft is a sport correct? These are great for practice and training in handling a real firearm. I’m confused as to why they can’t ship to Illinois. Cook county I can understand but there is no reason or law to block the rest of the state.

tell that to tamir rice…

You mean the kid that was pointing the gun at people and then went for his waistband when the cops rolled up and it was all caught on video?

If it wasn’t obvious…Woot’s based in Texas.


I used to play w/ these. Oh man I can remember my roommates beaning each other w/ the bbs. Yepper, they’re toys. I remember one of my roommates saying how he’d pull it out if there was ever an intruder breaking into our dorm…that wasn’t his brightest comment ever.

But if you’re dumb enough to be waiving these around…and dumb enough to hear the words “drop your weapon” and think that’s a great time to start an intellectual debate about the definition of what you’re holding…alot of folks would argue you deserve to be shot.

Definitely a toy. Definitely not a toy for irresponsible kids.

Absolutely correct, definitely not a toy for IRRESPONSIBLE kids/adults. Absolutely a great tool for discipline in aim, group shooting, target practice, reflex training and so on. Yes, shooting is a sport (and for some as myself a way to fill my freezer with healthy meats obtained much more humanely than any cattle, chicken, or hog farm) AND when treated as such in a responsible way is no less evil or dangerous than the NFL or Auto racing.

Why is “liberals” in quotes?

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