TaxCut Premium and State Tax Year 2007 on 1GB USB Drive

really? Already done my taxes.

Just finished filing today.

Haha. Very funny, Woot. I’m glad I have someone else do my taxes for me.


Well I guess we mac users don’t need to do taxes?

I never pay taxes. everything will be alright. It has all been taken care of.

Nice. I just bought TurboTax three days ago. Timing++

Amazon link

Amazon Reviews like this. I’m all for anything that makes taxes less hellish for us regular folk.


taxcut is the most cluttered tax program I’ve had the misfortune of using, it is buggier and slower than TurboTax and kept trying to get me to buy more and more H&R block services as well as installing un-needed PDF tools that don’t uninstall when you uninstall taxcut.


Hopefully it will have a loophole which will let me write off all of my woot purchases!

I knew this would be coming up soon. Every year people say they would buy it if it had a larger drive, but they don’t listen and keep using this little 1 gig.

I want one, but this one has NO mac software.

Come on Woot, you known that Mac Rules…P C Drools…

Me too. I wish this were TurboTax. Which one is better?

that’s novel 'n clever… assuming one can wipe the pendrive and reuse it.

Looks like the software alone goes for $50 elsewhere.

So what is the difference with this rather than TurboTax? Does this one give you better write-offs?

Because you do your 2007 taxes in 2008.