TaxCut Premium and State Tax Year 2007 on 1GB USB Drive

I dont pay no stink’n taxes!

Welcome to February!
Hope all 29 days are great!
BTW- Do your taxes. Just get it over with.

hmm Amazon says its MAC/PC compatible is this definitely not?

I got this last year in a wootoff, software was easy to install and the tax stuff was a breeze. There are cheaper ways to do your taxes, but those don’t give you a free USB thumb drive.

Nooooooooooooooo… I stayed up for this!!!
I REALLY would like the Razer gaming headphones to go with the Razer soundcard I bought from woot… hint… hint… woot.

Saw this one last year, must be updated for new tax forms, but does anyone know if this is any better than something like Turbo Tax that I get to use for free. Does this include free e-file for State Taxes too?

no wootoff hahahaha TAX CUT’D

how did I beat wootbot? wow.
can 1 GB drive be used as an everyday flash drive after taxes?

…ok last line of description says so. Awesome. And free advertising for them lol

what??? woot killed my wootbot killing! I was before wootbot! I didnt even try, just posted as soon as i opened woot!

Any way you will be offering TurboTax? I have tried a range and I definitely prefer TurboTax. Better interface, more versatile.

LAME! i filed my taxes three weeks about,and got my refund back one week ago!


Too bad - already got my TurboTax (Deluxe w/ state) delivered for $25.

Not unless there’s next day shipping involved. Otherwise, with woot’s record of shipping things to me, it won’t get here until long AFTER April 15th. Bleech!

This is like 2 months early. I don’t want to think about taxes this early, boo woot.

Seems like a bad deal to me… I could swear i saw this at the grocery store for 10$ (minus the flashdrive though…)

Did anybody notice this link in Froogle? Walmart has this at less than half of Woot’s price today. No flash drive though.

I bought this last year when it came on the 256mb flash drive and they send me a 2008 CD for free.

Seriously, I stayed up for this? I finished my taxes 2 hours ago.

You work for TurboTax?

Good woot…

But I already got mine

This tagline from the song, Technologic by Daft Punk…?

Doh …smartpost shipping? tax season ends in april.Will I get this in time?

This is quite possibly the BEST description of ANY item I have EVER seen on woot.