TaxCut Premium and State Tax Year 2007 on 1GB USB Drive


I got a 4 GB drive without the tax software on it for $25 when it was on sale at Staples. Same price, a quarter the capacity, with software I don’t need to do my taxes since I can just do it online for free? Pass.

The CD isn’t free…

You have to pay to register the software and use it. This might be a better bargain for you!!!

Taxes?!? We don’t need no stinkin’ taxes!!!

most people can get them done for free at or their

Did YOU notice that the woot product is Federal AND STATE? $34.96 at Walmart.

Buy It. Sell It. Love It. E-Bay.

As for the product, I have no use for it.

with state - it was 35… this comes with flash - still thinking…

“live it” from

I bought TaxCut without the state about a month ago for the same price, including the shipping, but then with our local distructive state tax added. Guess I should have been more patient.

Kiss French, Drink California

Near as I can tell, this does not include the actual electronic filing of the documents, which TaxCut charges many extra $ for. (When they do include it, they say so right on the box.)

Does anyone know if this includes free E-File or does that cost additional?

Glad that it was offered earlier this year. Unfortunately, I already bought tax software. I was not able to wait this long because I get a refund and want it soon.

I was just going to buy this but I noticed how it was shipped and how long this shipping took last time. I wanted to do my taxes in the next two weeks.

nice price - even with shipping, its $5 less than most stores have been advertising the version w/out the thumbdrive.

as a side note, these kingston thumbdrives boot quite well under linux - ubuntu on a bootable usb keychain is useful in a pinch.


Eh I usually get TaxCut for free through H&R website (not a member). I think it’s just federal though.

I already did my taxes online at for about the same cost… and it was less hassle.

I do wonder if TaxCut ever fixed its usability issues…

buy it sell it love it from Set Your Course For Success.

RobGlenn said: <<<This is like 2 months early. I don’t want to think about taxes this early, boo woot.>>>

Yeah, I like to do mine two days before they’re due so if I get stuck, I feel so fortunate that I’ve got one day left!