TaxCut Premium & State Tax Year 2007 on 1GB USB Drive



Wow, nothing like holding out until the last minute…


Too bad I didn’t earn enough to file 2007 taxes…no thanks woot!


No speedy Smartpost shipping for this?


With 10 days left you won’t get it in time to use it.


LOL! Seriously, right? For those who don’t know yet, taxes are due in 10 days! If you haven’t done them, newsflash… HURRY UP!


You all do taxes? HaHaHa… Not me!


Good luck getting this before April 15th!!!

You guys should have sold this last month!


1 GB Kensington USB Drive… not a bad price if you buy more than one. Otherwise - my guess is that anyone buying from Woot already has their taxes filed, or doesn’t care.


If you want that stimulus package this year you need to file.


Its almost worth buying this for the flash-drive.


Almost have my taxes done! But I don’t need this.


If you don’t fill out a tax form, even one saying you didn’t owe taxes, you don’t get the economic stimulus check…


You could get a 2GB one for less.


TaxCut Premium & State Tax Year 2007 on 1GB USB Drive

$9.99 + $5 shipping

condition: New

pricing for future reference


Not really


They sold this in January on regular woot, if i remember right


Holy S*%$, did they run out of items to sell ?!


thats a good price just of the 1 gb of space. i think the software is worth all the money to had the irs off your back.


They DID sell it last month. I bought it and it arrived within three days.