TAXSUCKS no longer valid?

I wanted to buy the inflatable Kayak on Sport.Woot today, but it is not accepting the TAXSUCKS coupon code. Is this no longer valid? If so, that does indeed suck.

I simply cannot stand to pay for shipping costs, so I guess my Amazon Prime account will just get some more use if there is no longer a way to get the free shipping here.

You might want to check with, I haven’t heard of any issues with codes.

Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

All the coupon codes have an expiration date. It should say in the original email. Additional coupon codes are offered by @jumbowoot every month to people who participate on deals.woot.

I thought the Tax coupon was just out there for anyone who lived in Texas (and, I guess, Washington?). I had no idea it would expire.

Plus, you had to pick up the package at the
Warehouse IIRC.

It isn’t a coupon, it was just a code.

It was only on bigger items. I never tried it. Not sure I ever spent enough since I had to pay tax.

Please ignore Fen. He is just making trouble.


call it what you want. is it no longer active?
-and I thought it only applied in texas and missouri since that was where woot had a physical presence.

I believe the Missouri office is completely in Washington now, and I do know that Washington now suffers the bane of woot-tax.

but does any1 know if the taxsucks code ever made the transfer to washington as well? imma thinking joe was only referring to missouri b/c he knew the code worked there way back when.

I don’t know, I haven’t bothered to move to Washington yet.

It was any state where tax had to be collected. NY laws have tried forcing other states to remit tax even with NO physical presence. TAXSUCKS worked fine in NY.

By the way, NYS income tax forms actually have a line for “voluntarily” confessing any purchases made while outside NY or via phone/internet. The line adds to income tax due or reduces a refund & MUST be used by:
1)entering tax one would owe on items if bought in NY + tax avoided via phone/internet purchases OR
2)Using an income-based “formula” to “estimate” one’s likely purchase of goods while outside NY or by phone/internet to “easily” provide the owed figure to enter, avoiding your need to tally such spending, OR
3)By using a ZERO, indicating you certify NO purchases you made circumvented NY sales tax.

A less prominent feature permits offset of that tax due by proving you paid non-NY sales tax for the seller’s state, but has to be listed separately; you can’t just “balance” them out to be zero.

A rare shopper during it’s first year, I actually entered/paid a sum, just to avoid researching old bills. Then I read that our governor, when his tax return was made public showing income far exceeding mine (maybe it was the NYC mayor but I think the gov),and who most CERTAINLY left the state on many occasions, used the ZERO method, as did the majority of tax filers!

Idaho has always had that slot. It was common practice for many in the Boise metro and surrounding area (the bulk of the state) to drive to Oregon to make large purchases. While automobiles were often caught at the DMV, other purchases “slipped across state lines”. Unless you buy something you later take deductions on (office equipment or medical supplies), I don’t know anyone who confessed, the whole point of driving to Ontario was to not pay the tax! When people started talking about these lines in relation to internet sales, most of us just rolled our eyes.

The “TAXSUCKS” code worked fine for me on July 30, when I purchased 3 sets of the 7pk Woot monkeys (2012 monkey games). I live in NY.

It is not working for me today when I try to purchase 3 Wilson baseball gloves on sport.woot.

TAXSUCKS has worked for me in the past, but has not the last few times I’ve tried. I live in California.

I just tried it on a purchase for $39.99, and it was refused. I did a dry run on a purchase for $44.99, and it was accepted. There was always a price point applied to this code. I believe in the past it was $20-25, but apparently it went up to about $40.

just tried the coupon code on a $200 item and it says the coupon didn’t work (i live in tx btw)

We’re bummed too, but we’re no longer able to offer that code. Don’t hurt us!


Well then. That just stopped me from ordering a $100 item on Woot today. My visits to Woot are getting further apart. I used to check Woot every day, but now I’m down to once a week. Without TAXSUCKS, my interest is dropping even further. As they say, “all good things must come to an end.”