TAXSUCKS no longer valid?

is this an official thing now? i received a response saying this was a temporary problem and to send them an email with my order number and they would remove the $5 shipping fee. i have not done so yet, but i will update after i find out.

please fix this, don’t make the people in your state cry. unless you don’t like us anymore.

The shipping fee is not the same as tax.

You are both correct, and uninformed. For years, Woot! has compensated those in areas where tax must be paid, by waiving the shipping fee (with the use of the magical coupon code TAXSUCKS), if the base price met a certain minimum. For legal reasons, the tax cannot be waived, so this was their way of partially making up for having to charge it.

So while you’re correct in that the shipping fee is not the same as tax, in these circumstances, they are linked.

Bring it back!!!

With no TAXSUCKS means that WOOTSUCKS.

I learned from my kids that there are two kinds of “can’t.”

can’t: don’t want to

can’t: don’t know how

Really? Because “Physically not allowed to with current limits” and “Legally not able to” are relevant and something that adults of many ages say.

I can’t touch my tounge to my nose. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s because I’m not physically able to do so within current limitations of the musculature of my tounge. Some other people with macroglossia or other long tounges can - I just can’t.

this sucks. my woot purchases have been dwindling. if I find something I like on woot I’ll now locate it elsewhere and buy it for less. most recently the Sony experia tablet. I use to be a big woot fan and supporter.

In a broad sense, that would fit in the “don’t know how catagory.”

In the case of a coupon code, I guessing that falls under “don’t want to.”