Taylor Swift

Any fans out there? Favorite songs? Opinions of Jake Gyllenehalle?

My opinion of Taylor Swift and her music?

Her public persona makes her seem like a Class 5 Clinger and a second level black belt in Really Basic Bitter Rhyming.

… well, you asked (don’t quibble on the semantics, now). :tongue:

For a good mainstream(ish) country(ish) pop chanteuse, how about some Neko Case?

As far as that Jake boy goes, I wouldn’t kick him out of my steamier thoughts if he happened to show up unclothed therein. Just sayin’. I can see why he’s so busy on the starlet bedroom circuit. Tay-tay got herself some good beefcake for a time.

you guyz are talking about the middle chick in hanson, rite?