TaylorMade Lethal Practice Ball 12-Pack


TaylorMade Lethal Practice Ball 12-Pack
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Time to check out the product page and great reviews over at tgw.com and rockbottomgolf.com

This is a reminder that practice balls will get you ejected from most golf courses if a marshal notices you’re using them.

I’ve never heard of a course ejecting anyone for playing any ball. They aren’t legal for USGA tournaments but for a regular round with friends there’s no problem.

I bought some of these for $24 a box from amazon and love them. Indiscernible from 1st quality lethals. The blemishes are invisible to nearly impossible to detect and don’t affect play one bit to me. I’m a bogey golfer. Maybe if you are considerably better you’ll notice some issue with a ball but I sure don’t and none of my playing buddies have. I’m loading up at this price.

Actually, practice balls like these are legal in USGA tournaments. http://www.usga.org/RulesFAQ/rules_answer.asp?FAQidx=16

I think the earlier poster was probably referring to range balls. Those can get you kicked off of a golf course because the marshal will presume you stole them from the driving range. If you’re playing at a course that uses balls like these on the driving range, you’re a much fancier golfer than I am.

Also since I did not see it posted yet, the only difference between practice balls and the regular version are simply cosmetic. They typically are balls where ink ran, or the logo did not print correctly and things like that. So they are identical in performance. Also I have never heard of a Ranger/Marshall riding around checking what type of golf balls you are hitting…

Are the Lethal’s the replacement for the Penta TP5?