TaylorMade r5 Dual Type D Driver



if you’re up this late, how can you hit the green so early in the morn?


Is this any good?


This thing cranks


do you have a lefty version too? if so, i’m a buyer!


Some links I’ve dug up…
SecretPrices $199.93 ($149.93 pre-owned)

PriceGrabber $199.99

Sports Authority has it for $250 - 15% Coupon code = $212

Woot still beats em, but this club better gurantee a hole-in-one everytime!


I just download all my drivers these days.


I LOVE this Podcast… but its too bad that I already have a full set of clubs. Goodnight woot


Sure where were you before Fathers day.


nice. i knew that was coming


Does that INCLUDE the golf bag???

If they have more than ten of these, there will be some left over at the end of the day!


This club is exactly what I need to impress my friends from the world of High Finance on the Golf course!

Wait… I work in Low Finance…

Wait… I don’t have friends.

Thanks for nothing, woot!


I GUESS it’s a good deal. I am almost crippled, so I can’t move like that (swing a club)

I’d like to see a top of the line laptop for $100.



first the left-handed putter, now a right handed driver?

seriously Woot…don’t you have any lefties??

i think i have to play the discrimination card. call the ACLU!!


c’mon woot. think of the late night lefties.


Are these drivers compatable with Linux?



I JUST BOUGHT A NEW DRIVER DAMMIT. In the first comment it should be FORE not Four


yes. Most of taylormades products are great. I personally play titleist, but my friend has this driver and loves it. I;ve hit it as well and it has a good weight and is def worth the money.


My dad has one of these and he LOVES it. He’s retired and gets to use it several times a week, so even after time, he still likes it a lot.


Multiple reviews can be found here: