TaylorMade r5 Dual Type D Driver


Bad Woot.
$149.93 preowned,
$149.99 New (demo)


For twice the price I can play golf on the Wii. And considering I own no other golf clubs that is probably cheaper in the long run.


I have the club. It it pretty good! I got it refurb. THE ONLY WOOT WAY TO BUY at golfsmith. So you can get it new. WHY? Any good woot would be a refurb. A true woot is at


Thank god I can buy a discount driver. I was worried that I had blown all my money on my country club membership, and had been hoping to see groceries on woot. Now that I can buy a driver for less, I can get off my ramen diet. Thank god I’m not a poor college student looking for a cheap hard drive.


Hmmmmm. Golf club. I know a person at work who is a complete golf nut. Plays every week. Ignores his daughter to play golf…Always on the phone with his golf pro shop, ordering or talking about a new golf club, and how it does or does not make his golf score lower. He is always buying a new golf club, for some reason. I don’t get it. But if you have a need for a stick that costs as much as a cheap computer system, I guess you might as well buy this stick with a lump of metal on the end. I don’t know anything about them, but they are shiny and would always be worth something at the next garage sale.


good driver

Their Price: $399.99
Rock Bottom Price: $219.99



on www.tgw.com this club goes for $212.46. Yo Woot yall need to do a set of irons some day.


whats the furtherst you ahve hit with this driver?


Is this thing Legal ?
Or some hacker club?


Come on Woot. This driver came out two years ago. Show me the “R7”, not the “R5”.


c’mon woot. you didn’t stop to think about us late night lefties.


How do we indicate that we want a left-handed driver?


If this were the Neutral, as opposed to the D, I’d jump all over it. 9.5 and stiff is perfect - go ahead and giggle.

TGW usually has it at $250. It’s down to $212ish due to a 15% off 4th o July sale, I think.


great driver, good price but I will stick with my Ping G5. Keep up the golf woots!!!


R7 came out 2 years ago also. Nice job on the research…


Where did they find these antiques? I thought these were all melted down years ago for the damn bagel warmer toasters!
If you show up on the course with this thing people are going to ask when your Grandfather died and left you that piece of crap!
If you buy one of these, tell your friends that you paid $5.00 for the club and $169.99 for the shipping. That may save you some face!

Night night


Taylor Made really stepped up to the plate with the Dual series woods. If I did not hit my old GBB II Pro Series so well - I would def. jump on this.

How about a hybrid Woot? Something in the way of a 2 iron/5 wood.


Only righthanded! Got one for a Lefty?


Since the USGA started keeping fairly accurate records in the 50’s, the average club player score has decreased by less than one stroke…The pro’s have decreased by slightly more than a stroke…"Kind of makes your think…hey???


So either way, the “R5” is yesterdays new for drivers…